SAS Quest Inc


You have the vision. Now you need the people to make it happen. You’ll find the expertise required to make your next IT execution and implementation a success at SAS Quest Inc.

Contract Staffing

We are a contract staffing company that offers flexible temp staffing services. We provide talented candidates on time for temporary positions by getting the right ones for the right positions is one of our key focus.

Contract Hire

Sometimes a company needs a flexible consultant who is open to a contract position or fulltime employment. SASQuest partners with clients to provide the flexibility to acquire skilled workers as consultants and determine if budgets or talents empower a permanent hiring.

Permanent Staffing

We have a strong team of consultants who dedicate themselves to helping your organization to achieve its business objectives. Our core process is unfailing and thus ensures our clients the best candidates at any level, with the fastest decision making time.

Bench Sale Marketing

SASQuest helps in placing own (W2) Employees in direct clients in which we provide most cost effective means of getting the best-qualified candidates for public sector hiring in a single, integrated software solutions.


Our SAS Quest Inc. process includes quality control checks before, during and after each engagement. The result: better outcomes and relationships.


SAS Quest Inc. ensures that clients get candidates who not only have the required skills, but are also a fit for their corporate culture and personality.


Consultants love how SAS Quest Inc. aligns them with projects that match their skills and nurtures future assignments and long-term relationships.

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